Floor Plans & Technical Specifications

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Floorplates with Ambition

  • Approx. 32,000 RSF high efficiency floors
  • 30’ center column bay size
  • 40’ x 45’ end bay size
  • 43’ core-to-window depth
  • 8 passenger elevators
  • 1 dedicated freight elevator
  • 10’ clear ceilings
  • 8’ exterior glass
  • Live load of 100 lbs/SF including partition
  • Three outdoor terraces located at 7th, 11th and 19th penthouse floor
  • Fitness center with yoga studio, conference room and wi-fi lounge planned for 7th floor with access to outdoor terrace

Typical Floorplates:

Technology: A Platform that Lowers Costs

  • EXTERIOR WALLS: LEED certification, compliance with ASHRAE advanced energy design guide
  • EXTERIOR VISION PANELS: LEED certification, indoor environmental quality, a minimum of 75% of occupied interior space will have daylight
  • EXTERIOR SHADING: LEED certification, shading devices for sunlight/glare control and redirection
  • FOUNDATION: Slab-on-grade with conventional caisson foundation system
  • STRUCTURAL: Concrete on metal decking
  • TOILET ROOMS: LEED certification, shower stalls and changing areas at ground floor toilet rooms
  • HVAC: Variance Air Volume (“VAV”) system, central refrigeration plant with 1750 ton capacity
  • SUPPLY/RETURN AIR: Supply ductwork and return air shafts with medium pressure supply loop on each floor
  • DDC SYSTEM: DDC Building Automation System (“BAS”)
  • ELECTRICITY: 7 watts/sq.ft for tenants lights and outlets
  • FLOOR LOAD: 100 PSF live load including partitions

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